Wasps cause considerable annoyance. These tiny flying insects not only have a mouth to bite but also, stings to transfer venom in to the skin of the victim. To put it straight, wasps are carnivores. Though surprising, these mostly yellow colored insects predate on cicada, spiders and caterpillars. Humans are especially allergic to wasps, because of safety reasons. The wasps generally do not attack unless they are ill treated. During summer, they are most frequent sights. By the end of spring, the queen wasps known as the founder, initiates the nest and is joined later by other fertile females. So, at the summer end up to 200 wasps can be produced. They generally belong to the Super family Vespoldea. The best way to prevent wasp attack is by staying out of their way. But if you are desperate to get rid of them, use insecticide spray, when the nest is outside. For an inside solitary wasp, a fly swatter or a folded up newspaper can be enough. In both cases remember to wear all covered attire, especially the face should be covered. Wear long sleeved dresses and avoid bright colors when you go near them. The wasps are inactive during the night, which makes it the most suitable time to wipe out them. It is useful to stay knowledgeable, about the various types of wasps. This helps you to distinguish between the solitary and socialistic ones, so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. The solitary ones are less dangerous, they also have a reduced affinity to attack, unless disturbed. The problem arises with the socialistic ones, living in a bunch. They tend to swarm over the foe and do not leave until they have succeeded in making the enemy fall down on his knees. Certain species of wasps attack even without a warning. Thus, it is always wise to be watchful to avert falling in to a vicious trap. There nests are found in the most unsuspected places, like garages and bins. But the most dangerous can be the underground nests. The gardeners are mostly caught unaware when they step on these nests, which inevitably lead to painful stings. There are certain real life incidents; one, narrating how a woman died when she mistakenly mowed over an underground nest. Another, how a gardener fell unconscious with numerous stings, when he unknowingly disturbed a wasp nest while pulling weeds. The problem is that, people are only accustomed to see flying wasps. So, when they hear insect buzz from beneath the ground, they overlook it. An efficient method to destroy the underground holes is by pouring kerosene or diesel fluid inside. The toxic fuels kill the insects. The different categories of wasps consist of the paper wasps, the yellow jackets, the red wasps and also the mud daubers. The list is long and venomous. First, is the paper wasp; also known as the mahogany wasp. These are the docile types. They only involve themselves in devouring home furniture and even books. But they can turn highly aggressive when molested. These spindle shaped wasps are about 1” inch in length, covered with bold yellow or brown lines, all over the body.

With dying spring, they start constructing their umbrella shaped single layered nest. Generally seen on trees and shrubs, they occasionally build their nest in areas where they are undisturbed; like garages, attics, sheds and even in under construction buildings. These are harmless creatures, but if you want to eradicate them, treat their breeding place with liquid Viper. The second type is the Cicada killer. These are surprisingly one of the largest wasp species. Approximately, 2 inches long, their black body is stripped boldly by yellow. A ½ inch hole surrounded with fresh mud indicate their underground burrow. They are dangerously placed around driveways and sidewalks. Treat the infested area with insecticide dust to destroy them. Then, there is the Mud dauber. These solitary type wasps vary in color between metallic blue to black. They exclusively feed on spiders and are least likely to attack people. The presence of hardened mud or clay, indicate their nest. You just need to scrap their nest with a sharp object. Then there is the yellow jacket. These sudden attackers are often found scavenging around garbage bins. Lastly, there is the red wasp, which builds one of the largest nests. They fall in to two categories- the Polistes Caroline which favors open nest and the polistes perplexus, which looks for sheltered nests. Their sting results in nausea, vomiting, hardened swelling and even fatalistic low blood pressure. The red wasps are attracted to bright colors and certain perfumes. When threatened they can cause multiple stings. They are irritated by noise and vibration especially of the lawn mowers. An effective cure against the sting may be any topical anesthetic cream, even Epsom salt solution works. The homeopathic medicine Apis also works wonders. The wasps highly torment the Memphis TN area of the US. During the summer Memphis area people depend totally on pest control companies. Opting for professional pest controllers is a wise idea, since they have the correct training to handle the predators. The best among these companies is undoubtedly the Pest Patrol. Their highly lucrative business is of immense help especially to the Memphis TN people. Their chief motto is to kill wasps peacefully using an organic solution to wet the wasp nests. This company has gained enormous reputation working over 14 years. So whenever you are tortured by wasps, do not waste any time and contact the Pest Patrol soon. Their really successful business makes your pocket safe. You can also visit their official website Wekillbugz.com to avail discounted offers. They take no time to reach you and delivers service amazing service according to your need. Another noticeable factor is that, the Pest Patrol provides free service if they notice that your house is extremely vulnerable to wasps. The dedication of these trained professionals will make you want to avail their service again and again; and that is guaranteed.

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