Rodent Control In Memphis Tn

Other than being just plain filthy and disgusting, rodents can cause a whole host of problems for Memphis TN residents so some control is needed. Rats, mice, moles and other types of rodents are native to this area and can become a public nuisance. They pose health concerns, can cause exterior and interior damage to your home and electrical wiring, can nest and waste in and around your home. This is why it is very important to consider carefully how you choose to deal with rodent control.

If not treated correctly, rodent problems can become overwhelming and develop into an infestation. Rodent infestations can contaminate food and introduce disease-carrying parasites like fleas into your home. Rodents breed very rapidly and can infest a home with their offspring very quickly. Some rodents common to the Memphis area are roof rats, deer mice, house mice and squirrels. One pair of mice can produce 200 young in just four months.

Memphis has continued to see a growth in the rodent population, with a steady increase in rodent calls reported according to the Memphis and Shelby County Health report. Roof rats and Norwegian rats are especially common in Memphis. Some common indicators of rodent infestations are rodent droppings, holes in clothing or food containers, holes in screens, and scratching noises. Rats are very wary of new objects in their territory and therefore baited traps will often go untouched for days before a rat approaches. Even then, they will do so very cautiously.

Rodents in general can be very distractive due to chewing. The word rodent comes from the Latin word rodens meaning “gnawing one”. Squirrels in Memphis are another type of rodent who have been known to cause extensive damage due to their gnawing. They can cause costly damage to water pipes, electrical systems and wood. They are also known to sharpen their teeth on tree branches and occasionally power lines which can lead to power outages. Squirrels will also take food from bird feeders and even eat birds that are nesting in bird houses.

Rodents are able to survive in both rural and urban areas. This is why rodent control is a huge priority to Memphis, TN residents and sometimes needs to be handled by professionals. Rodents can transmit diseases which can be spread to household pets and humans. It is important when dealing with rodent invasions that the prevention of re-infestation be taken into consideration as well as getting rid of the existing rodents. Sealing entry points and removal of rodents and their nests along with identifying attractants to prevent future issues. There are even humane ways to get rid of rodents for those that do not wish to exterminate critters that make their way into their homes or offices. Rodents will always exist in Memphis, TN but with proper rodent control you can ensure that they are not a part of your daily life.

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