Memphis Bed Bug Control

Memphis bed bug control? Bed bugs in Memphis?  It sounds like the beginnings of a bad joke, doesn’t it?  But bedbugs are no joking matter.  In fact, bedbugs are making a comeback across the nation, with infestations being reported in record numbers.  But what exactly are bedbugs?  And how on earth did they make it to The River City?

What are Bedbugs?

It may seem like a silly question.  After all, the name for them is a dead giveaway “bed bugs.”  So, you would assume that bedbugs are bugs that live in your bed, mattress or bedding, right?  Well, sometimes.

The thing is, bedbugs are tricky little devils.  Similar in appearance to miniature ticks (or if you get a really good look at them; miniscule flattened cockroaches) most bedbugs are no bigger than a grain of rice.

The bed part is partially correct; you can find them in bedding, but also in curtains, carpets and clothing.  In fact, they have been showing up in many Memphis hotels thanks to international travel.

The “bed” in bedbug stems from the fact that they do show up more often than not in your mattresses and bedding, but that isn’t because they have a preference for bedding, it is because that is where they find their dinner; you!

That’s right, the most annoying thing about bedbugs isn’t that they get into your sheets and just creep around, they feed on blood, and human blood is their meal of choice.  While bedbugs bite, their bites are not toxic, and are really no more annoying than a mesquite bite, and bedbugs don’t carry any diseases, but they can cause a good deal of mental stress, especially if you don’t know why you keep waking up with bites and then, when you find out what they are, dealing with the social stigma of having bedbugs in your house.

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs in Memphis

There is plenty of information online about ‘do-it-yourself’ methods for getting rid of bedbugs whether you are in Memphis or Maine, but the truth is, they are one of the hardest pests to get rid of given their size and their penchant for burrowing behind wallpaper, into the seams of carpets and between floorboards to avoid any obvious attempts to get rid of them.

Even heavy chemical treatments that you can apply yourself are not always effective, and for good reason, without professional training, it is very probable that you are going to miss a few, so unless you have the time and patience to treat your home multiple times, you will probably get quite frustrated very quickly.  So what else can you do?

One of the most effective methods for ridding your home of bedbug infestations (and ridding yourself of the social stigma attached to having them in your home) is to hire a professional exterminator or pest control service to do a methodical check of your home, determine if bedbugs are indeed your problem, and then planning out a means of treatment that will leave your Memphis home bedbug free.


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