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Another part of wildlife, that likes to invade your home. Spending time making a perfect area in your attic for a new litter, is no problem for this agile mammal. Mating season runs from January to March, 65 days later, a litter of four to six young arrive. These nocturnal hunters can also make a quick disaster of garbage cans and other trash not secure. Animal pens in back yards are targets with resources of pet food left out. CONTACT US FOR A FREE INSPECTION!


Extremely high numbers in colonies = Massive damage to wooden structures. These ants love wood structures that have water issues in attics and wall voids. Infested areas also include trees, landscape timbers, railroad beams, and firewood piles. The carpenter ant causes more damage than the termite, in infested areas. Even if there is higher numbers in the termite colony. FREE INSPECTIONS!



Sawdust from the wooden structure that is being infested. The ants push this out of their galleries as they chew away small amounts at a time. Also, it includes body parts from ants that have died in the colony. Frass can show up along window ledges, baseboards, under wood siding, and attics. Different amounts can be found.


Smooth galleries in wood structures are a positive sign of carpenter ant infestation. Termites will actually have dirt inside their galleries. This damage can be seen in different wooden structures. Trails of the ants can be seen along the exterior of a structure in some cases. Your house is the biggest investment you have, do not let the carpenter ant destroy it. This ant is forgot about, because of the termite. DON’T FORGET!  



THE BROWN RECLUSE– The most feared in the mid-south.

 They can multiply into the hundreds in 6 to 12 months, and the thousands in two years. Many cases go undetected. The main nesting sites are the attics and other dark, undisturbed areas. June, July, and August is some of the hottest months, and also the most active times for this spider to move around your house.


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Termites are the most serious and destructive pest of wood structures in the United States.Termites can establish a colony in or around your home in as little as a few months. Unfortunately at times termites can go undetected, which can result in serious damage.The mature queen in a single colony may lay 5,000 to 10,000 eggs per year. In 3 to 5 years the newly established colony may reach a mature size of 60,000 termites or more. A crack as small as 1/64 of an inch wide is all a termite needs to gain access to your home. FREE INSPECTIONS
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Bed Bugs are becoming a real problem in this area. People that travel and stay in hotels frequently are at higher risk of bringing them into their homes. These insects can be brought into your home several different ways. Most cases, you the homeowner, has no idea their living with you.

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Stinging insects can become a real problem, in both residential and commercial properties. High activity around exterior, usually means nests inside. In most cases, bigger problems can be prevented by a simple inspection and treatment.

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Black Odorous House Ants are the most common in the mid south. These ants will establish numerous satellite colonies in or around your house. Great exterior services with a  month guarantee. “Stop em’ before they get in”


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